Retiree Deb Squires is pictured with family members

Several employees were recognized for their years of service and attendance at the district's year-end gathering on Tuesday. Two new retirees were also recognized, each with over two decades at Crestview. 

One Year of Service

Ethan Bedocs
Lori Cadle 
Makenna Case
Kylee Deppert 
Sara Ebershole
Allison Grau 
Nathan Godsey 
 Jami Harley 
Jessica Henry 
Christina Kelley 
 Brian Kinnard 
 Robin Klenk 
Kortney Kohler 
Abbey Korbas 
Ann Logan 
Kayla Marshall
 Jessica Miller 
 Destini Oler 
Ashley Pirc
Andrew Platt
Michael Pond 
Sarah Powell
Katelyn Pugh 
Jan Robertson
  Joni Robson
 Misty Santarossa
Shawn Skelly 
 Anna Stimpert 
Grant Sproull
Heidi VanPelt
Andrea Walter
Madison White 
Carissa Whitmer 

Five Years of Service

  • Angela Fennewald 
  • Janet Nelson
  • Cheryl Hicks 
  • Devyn Renninger
  • Stefanie Hunn 
  • Erica Rucker
  • Richard Lyon 
  • Heidi Zucker

Ten Years of Service

  • Kelsy Arnold 
  • Ryan McClenathan
  • George Barley 
  • Christy Walter

Fifteen Years of Service

  • Amy Bays 
  • Tracey Chacey
  • Stacy Campbell 
  • Ashley Cornell

Twenty Years of Service

  • Larry Barnes 
  • Kim Ison
  • Molly Henderson 
  • Mindy McPherran

Twenty-Five Years of Service

  • Scott Amburgey
  • Kristi Barker
  • Brenda Metz

Perfect Attendance

  • Jason Goon
  • Michael Pond


Mrs. Kathy Vanderpool - 21 Years (2001-2022)

Kathy officially started working for Crestview in January 2001 where she was hired as evening cleaning personnel; however, she also substituted for the schools beginning in 2000.  Kathy retired at the end of December 2022.

Kathy is blessed with one daughter, Krystal, who is a 2002 Crestview graduate and now works at Crestview Middle School as the library media aide.  She also has two grandchildren:  Keith, sophomore, and Kathryn, freshman, that currently attend Crestview schools.

Kathy states some of her favorite memories are all of the friendships that I had, summer cleaning with Cherie Free and all of the other teachers that I suckered into cleaning!  Also, the time that Amy Bays actually thought we were putting up a shower curtain for the door on the staff restroom!

Her retirement plans include going to her grandchildren’s sporting events and activities, spending time with family, friends and traveling.

Thank you, Kathy, for your dedication and service to the students and staff at Crestview Local School District.  We have missed you and wish you a restful and fulfilled retirement.

Pictured below, Krystal, and coworker, Pam Conn, pose with Kathy's partner in early morning mischief, Earl the Prize Guy.

Deb Squires  - 26 Years (1997-2023)

Deb started working for Crestview in 1997 where she began as a bus driver in the transportation department.  

Deb is blessed with one son, Nathan Milligan, and three daughters:  Jessica Gribben, Katie Carns, Samantha Klupp.  She has fourteen grandchildren: (six girls) Kat, Eva, Macy, Raya, Tilly and Aylin and (eight boys) Tyler, Colin, Dillon, Jacob, Henry, Arda, Owen and Carson.

When asked what imprint she will leave at Crestview she mentioned, “I hope it was a good one, I have strived to do my best, safely while managing a big bus with lots of kiddos.  They have left their imprint on my heart.  All of the various personalities I have had the privilege of knowing and interacting with over the years are precious memories to see me into my old age!  I will miss them and my coworkers!  This school and all of the people I have met here will be remembered and prayed for as often as they come to mind!”

Deb’s retirement plans include spending as much time as possible with my remaining siblings, my wonderful hubby, Jon, and precious children and grandchildren.

Thank you, Deb, for your dedication and service to the students and staff at Crestview Local School District.  You will be missed among the transportation staff next year.  We wish you a restful and fulfilled retirement!

Deb is pictured with family members who joined her for the morning's retirement recognition.