Board Meetings

As a resident of Crestview Local School District, you are invited to become active in the educational life of your community by attending meetings of the Board of Education.

Meeting Times & Dates

Typically, regular meetings are held at 6 p.m., the third Monday of each month, in the district’s middle school assembly room located at 1575 State Route 96, Ashland, Ohio.

Times, dates, and agendas of all Board meetings are available in the Board of Education office, at the regular Board of Education meetings and they are listed on the District calendar and website under the Board of Education tab, Board Agenda and Briefs.

Meetings of the Board are open to the public, except for executive sessions during which Board members may discuss only business as defined by the Ohio Revised Code. These are personnel matters, sale or purchase of property, legal matter, and negotiations or bargaining sessions. Executive sessions are for discussion only. All formal action must be taken at a regular or special meeting open to the public.

Agendas & Public Participation

Agendas will be distributed to all those who attend Board meetings. That section on the agenda for public participation will be marked with an asterisk. Noted at the bottom of each agenda will be a short paragraph outlining the Board’s policy on public participation at Board meetings.

Persons desiring more time should follow the procedure of the Board to be placed on the regular agenda.

If you wish to speak to the Board of Education, time is set aside at the beginning of each regular meeting for citizens to discuss issues of concern.

In order for the Board to fulfill its obligation to complete the planned agenda in an effective and efficient fashion, a maximum of 30 minutes of public participation will be permitted at each meeting. If several people wish to speak, each person will be allotted three minutes until the total time of 30 minutes is used. During that period, no person may speak twice until all who desire to speak have had the opportunity to do so. The period of public participation may be extended by a vote of the majority of the Board. Each person addressing the Board will give his/her name and address.*

Address the Board

Please read the following information if you are planning to address the Board on any topic (it is important that you follow this procedure when expressing a concern about a district employee).

The Crestview Local School District is legally responsible for the education of young people living within the school district. The Board’s primary responsibility is to set policy upon which all administrative action is based. The Board must:

  • establish a sound philosophy for all educational programs and activities

  • provide leadership for educational progress through a consensus of goals and objectives

  • adopt policies for the operation of the school district

  • approve adequate methods of program evaluation

  • develop sound financial plans consistent with district needs and community resources and expectations

Member Terms

Board of Education members are elected at large for four-year terms in staggered, odd-numbered years. Ohio legislation establishes a maximum amount for Board member compensation.

The Board employs the superintendent to provide educational leadership and to implement educational leadership and to implement policies and procedures through the administrative, teaching, and support staffs, and a treasurer who serves as the district’s chief fiscal officer.

Your Board Members

Mr. Bill Bolin (Term Expires 2025)

Mr. David Kissel (Term Expires 2027)

Mr. David Brennan (Term Expires 2027)

Mrs. Debbie Reidy (Term Expires 2027)

Mrs. Jessica Tucker (Term Expires 2025)

Get Involved

As a taxpayer, you are an investor in one of the finest school systems in the nation. Your involvement in the Crestview Local School District will help maintain its vitality and ensure that past success remains a strong foundation for children of tomorrow.

Your involvement can begin at the school level. As a parent, get to know your child’s teachers. Scheduled conferences are held each year for parents of elementary, middle and high school students, and annual open houses at all schools provide formal opportunities to meet the teaching staff.

Citizen Organizations

There are a variety of citizen organizations and activities which need the time and talents of both parents and non-parents. These include Crestview Parents Club, booster clubs, and program advisory committees. We invite you to ask us before or after the meeting how your involvement can be meaningful to our students.