Social and Emotional Wellness

The educational philosophy of Crestview Schools includes the overall development of the child which includes the academic, social and career aspects of our program to promote a collaborative relationship with parents, students, community and faculty.

Counseling Services

  • Individual Counseling – the counselor provides brief one-on-one counseling to help with personal, social, and academic concerns

  • Group Counseling – the counselor works with smalls groups of students in order to facilitate support, learning, and education about common issues students face

  • Classroom Guidance – the counselor provides informative lessons in the classroom on a broad range of topics

  • Consultation – the counselor works closely with parents, teachers, mental health professionals, and community agencies. The counselor also makes  referrals in order to best assist students and families  

Connecting with Services

Students may be connected with character education or school-based counseling services through any of the following:

  • Student seeks contact

  • Parent/Guardian requests contact

  • Teacher refers the student

  • Principal refers the student

  • Teacher requests in-class lesson

  • Scheduled classroom guidance lessons

  • Scheduled classroom time with the school counselor

Area Resources

Ashland County Community Resources

Richland County Public Health

Richland County Know IT B4 I Need It

Potential areas where counseling services may be helpful

  • Behavior issues

  • Problems with grades

  • Missing too many school days

  • Stress or mood concerns

  • Healthy peer relationships

  • Helping with transitions 

  • Other personal / social / academic problems


The school counselor is ethically responsible to maintain confidentiality unless:

  • You are planning to harm yourself or others 

  • Disclosure of child abuse, elder abuse, or abuse of a special population

In these situations, counselors are required by law to report this information to parents and/or the appropriate agencies.


The counselor works closely with school staff and administration. The counselor may notify appropriate personnel of an ongoing concern in order to create and maintain a positive school environment.