Student Information

A Chromebook laptop device is assigned to each 6th-12th grade student as part of our district’s 1:World initiative. Here are some things we’d like you to know:

  • This device is assigned to you for school use throughout your school day. 

  • You are encouraged to use it for class work whenever appropriate.

Your responsibilities

There are certain responsibilities that you have as a student at Crestview Locals Schools. You are expected to:

  • Make sure that the device is charged and ready for use at the beginning of each school day.

  • Protect your device by carrying it safely, storing it safely, and making sure that you don’t leave it sitting in places where it may be damaged, stepped on, water-damaged, or stolen.

  • Use this device for academic purposes.

Your obligations

As a responsible student, you have an obligation to:

  • Stay on task with the use of your device

  • Respect teachers’ instructions regarding the use of your device

  • Never access inappropriate materials on the internet

  • Never using your machine to harass, threaten, embarrass, or bully others

  • Use your machine only in ways that comply with our district’s rules (Acceptable Use Policy) for technology use and the school handbook

  • Pay for replacement or repair if the device is lost, stolen, or intentionally damaged

Email and other accounts

Crestview School District has provided you with a district-owned Google Apps for Education Account. This should be your primary account for school-related work and communication. Please understand that, much like your locker, the school has the right to access this account at any time. There is no expectation of privacy for any activity conducted using the school’s network or accounts.

At-home Use

Before a student will be permitted to take a computer home, each of the follow has to occur:

  • A parent or guardian must meet with the Building Principal or Director of Instructional Technology or view the Parent Orientation materials

  • A parent or guardian must sign an Insurance Agreement form

  • An insurance payment must be received

If you take a device off-campus without permission, you are responsible to pay for all repairs to the device for any reason, including replacement. You may also receive disciplinary consequences.


A protective case is provided for all students in grades 5-12. Chromebooks in carts or classrooms are not provided a case.