Family Safety

Online Safety is an important shared concern for both school and families. The handling of connected technology devices such as computers, tablets, smart phones, and mobile phones can do much to affect student safety.

Crestview-owned student devices are issued with filtering software set-up on the machine to assist parents in helping to guide their child's online usage by blocking certain categories of web content. 
These simple tips can be helpful in managing student-used devices.

  1. Ensure that devices are used in "public" areas of the home. Families are a child's best filter. It is important to be present both for accountability as well as being available to answer questions that may arise from unexpected or inappropriate online experiences. Bedrooms should be considered off-limits for connected devices.

  2. Have a designated overnight place for connected devices. School-aged children are not always good at self-regulating their device usage. Help your student get a good night's rest by storing cell-phones, computers, and other devices in a designated area other than where the child sleeps. This can help avoid late-night texting, all-night gaming sessions, and other unwanted situations you are not available to monitor.

Monitoring your child's online behavior is your responsibility as a parent, but it doesn't necessarily have to be intrusive to be effective. Be involved with your child and you will be well-positioned to be a constructive part of their online development.

Here are some additional resources to learn about online safety.



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