We are pleased to announce that Crestview Local Schools has partnered with Richland Public Health to provide menstrual hygiene product dispensers in each of the High School and Middle School girls’ restrooms, and a product tote will be placed at the Elementary School. This agreement will supply our students with free feminine hygiene products that girls can access during the school day. By participating in the Menstrual Health Equity Initiative, our students can work, learn and fully participate in daily school activities, knowing they have the basic necessities to thrive. 

We here at Crestview would like to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to our friends at Faith UMC for providing feminine hygiene products to our students, for this past decade. A special “thanks” is given to Faith’s Outreach Director, Misty Welch, for kindly overseeing this ministry. We are truly blessed by our friends and neighbors at Faith UMC!

Robin Hawkins
School-Community Liaison
Crestview Local Schools