Middle School


Mr. Brian Kinnard, Principal
Mrs. Brenda Spencer, Secretary
Mr. Tim Kuhn, Athletic Director
Mrs. Ashley Hughes, School Counselor

Office: 419-895-1700, ext. 18000
Grades 5 through 8

Enrollment: ~275 Students

The staff and administration welcome you to Crestview Middle School. It is our sincere hope that you will find this experience challenging, rewarding, and exciting. Your success depends on the development of regular attendance, effective study habits, and self-discipline.

The Crestview Middle School philosophy is that the educators are highly qualified, according to federal guidelines, knowledgeable about and committed to meeting the needs of young adolescent learners.

To meet the needs of adolescent learners, we believe the essential elements are:

  • A balanced curriculum that addresses varied readiness levels and learning preferences of young adolescent learners,

  • A variety of organizational arrangements,

  • The use of a variety of instructional strategies,

  • A full exploratory or unified arts program,

  • Comprehensive academic advising and counseling,

  • Continuous progress for students,

  • Assessment and evaluation procedures compatible with the nature of young adolescent learners,

  • Cooperative planning by teachers, and

  • The creation and maintenance of a positive school climate.

A Middle school preparing students, through varied readiness levels and learning preferences, to be tolerant of individual differences and to be responsible for both academic and social behavior.

Our programs include:

ACADEMICS: Turbo Teens, Relationships Under Construction, Student Council, 6th Grade Outdoor Education, Career Education, Instrumental & Vocal Programs at 5th – 8th grade levels. LEAP, Academic Challenge Team, Title I services in Math and Language Arts for fourth, fifth and sixth grades, 8th grade Algebra, Family and Consumer Sciences Education, Collaboration Teams for all core classes and special education teachers at all grade levels.

ATHLETICS: Cross-Country, Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Wrestling, Track, and Cheerleading.