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Students entering grades 1-9 can continue to work on their i-Ready learning pathways through August 6. The learning pathways provide students targeted practice based on their spring i-Ready diagnostic results from mid-May. 

Accessing i-Ready via Clever

To access i-Ready, students should visit clever.com/in/crestview. On this page, students will be prompted to log in with their Crestview Google account (see important tip below). 

The format for student email addresses is lastname.firstname00@crestviewschools.net, where “00” is the student's two-digit graduation year. 

Entering 1st grade: 35
Entering 2nd grade: 34
Entering 3rd grade: 33

Students in grades K-1, and potentially grade 2, will be most familiar with the Clever Badge QR code login. Clever Badges or password assistance can be requested through an email or phone call to Chad Lemon, Director of Instructional Technology

After signing into Clever, students should recognize the layout and quickly find i-Ready.

Important Account Tip: Logging into the student's Google account via a sign-in web page is acceptable, however, creating a browser profile with the student account on a home computer is not recommended as it may bring filtering, other district-assigned apps, bookmarks, and browser functionality restrictions with it that families may not want on their personal devices. 

If your family has a Chromebook, adding the student's school account as an additional user on that device is an easy way to access school resources while maintaining a separation between personal preferences and school-managed settings.