Fire Muster

Crestview Elementary Families,

We will have our annual Fire Muster activities tomorrow, October 12th, during the school day in the morning. Our students in grades K-4th grade will learn some fire prevention  strategies from our local fire departments, and how to stay safe in the event of a fire . Each grade level will have different activities that are age appropriate that students will engage in led by our local fire fighters and EMS teams. We encourage students in 2nd and 3rd grade to bring an extra set of clothes because there is a possibility they could get wet with some of the activities the students will participate in. 

This is an annual event Crestview has been hosting for several years, and this is a great way to make connections with people who work in the community to keep us safe. We are looking forward to a rewarding and fun experience for our students as they learn how to stay calm and safe in the event of a fire.