Student Handbooks

[2020-2021 Updates: Handbook revision and approval was delayed by COVID-19 responses and are not yet able to be posted. Families looking to complete the FinalForms handbook acknowledgment may skip this form for now and return to this portion at a later date.]

Athletics Handbook 2020-2021

K-12 Student-Parent Handbook 2020-2021 SY


School Fees and Supply Lists

Preschool Supply List 2021-22 SY

Elementary School (K-3) 2021-22 Supply List 

Middle School (4-8) 2021-22 Supply List

High School (9-12) Fee Lists 2021-22 SY

(Copies also available in the school offices and the Board of Education office)

Facility Use Forms

School Facility Use Application Form and School Facility Use for Youth Activities (KG-E and KG-E-1) 5-19-14

Student Information and Enrollment Forms

Forms related to student information, such as enrollment, bus information, residency, immunization requirements, and Emergency Medical Forms, can be found on the Re-registration and New Enrollment at Crestview page.

The application for Free & Reduced Meals is located on our Food Service page.Food Service and Wellness

Administering Medicines to Students Board Policy JHCD - General Instructions and Form

(Includes Board Policy on Use of Asthma Inhalers and Epinephrine Auto-injectors)

Student Insurance Option

2021-2022 Student Accident Insurance Form

Online Safety and Media Permissions

Student-assigned Chromebook Care and Insurance

Parents/Volunteer Forms

School Volunteer Registration Form/Policy

Athletics Forms

Go to Athletics for related forms and information.

Food Service Forms

Go to Food Service and Wellness for related forms and information.