Crestview Community,


I wanted to write this morning to help clarify some questions that have arisen in light of last night’s board meeting. First, I want to thank all of you for your continued patience and support through these trying times. Your continued patience and support as we continue to navigate these new waters, best serve our students, and work to keep all as safe as possible will be greatly appreciated as well. 


In terms of the board meeting, and outcomes last evening:


  • The intention is indeed to bring all students back to our buildings for in-person instruction in as safe a manner as possible. 
    • The formal details about how this will look, what classes are to be offered and when will be forthcoming. These decisions are going to be made at the building levels, in tandem with input from building staff while in line with the most current safety guidelines in the next couple of weeks. 
  • There will be an online only option available to families who are not comfortable with sending their student(s) back to the district for in-person schooling at this time. 
    • The platform for this delivery and how it will be monitored are still in conversation right now. Those details will also be forthcoming soon. 
  • The school calendar was overall revised to have students begin back on September 8th. Staff will be expected to report to work from our original start date until September 4th, for extensive professional development training with regards to the school year ahead. 
  • Face masks will be required of all school staff, per the orders of Governor Dewine.
  • Face masks will also be required to be worn by all students being transported on a Crestview school bus at any time. 
  • Face masks will be strongly encouraged to be worn by all students in grades 3-12 throughout the school day when appropriate. 
  • Preschool planning is still in the works, final determinations about those offerings will be made available as soon as the guidelines for daycares/preschools are finalized for us as well.


Again, I want to reiterate that there is still much planning to occur at the building level in terms of final details. Your administrators will be working diligently to formally finalize those details and get them out as soon as possible. Please be patient, and understand that our first priority was to begin making overarching plans about our district’s safe return to education. We are going to continue our planning with the intention of keeping our students and staff as safe as possible moving forward. 


Enjoy the remainder of your summer, you will continue to hear from us soon! 


Randy Dunlap