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Health Safety Updates - Lockers

We have continued to remain diligent as we follow health safety guidelines which includes students and staff wearing masks and physical distancing in our classrooms.  Our school is committed to doing all that we can do to keep our students and staff healthy and safe.  One recent change includes locker usage.  We started the year without students using their lockers.  Now that cold weather is upon us, we are using lockers to store coats.  Students may use their lockers before school and at dismissal.  We have continued to limit locker usage through the day in order to minimize hallway congestion.

Veterans Day

Honoring Veterans has been an important tradition for the Crestview community.  We typically host a formal assembly for students, staff, and most importantly the veterans who live in our community.  Due to health safety guidelines we had to change our plan.  On Friday, November 13th we honored the men and women who have served in all branches of the United States military by hosting a drive through parade.  All of the students and staff went outside to pay tribute as veterans drove through our campus.  The parade was led by our resource office, Deputy Les Horner, who served in the United States Marine Corps.  Our marching band was also in the parade and played a medley of patriotic songs.

After the parade our students and staff went back in the building to watch a short video that was put together by our video production classes.  The video included an introduction from our school administration, musical selections performed by elementary students, an interview with Deputy Horner, and a poem that was read by freshmen, Kailey Durow.  Also, many of our staff took the time to share their personal connections to veterans.


Career Advising

Crestview High School is partnering with the Richland Area Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development.  We began conversations last spring with Clint Knight, director of workforce development.  His role is connecting high school students and graduates to career opportunities.  Clint toured our school with Mr. Ditlevson and Mr. Dunlap in order to understand the type of programming we offer as well as the needs of our students.  It was determined that the next step would be to start meeting with our students.  Recently, Clint returned and met with groups of students.  Our guidance counselor, Cody Lemke also helped facilitate discussions.  This opportunity will hopefully lead to some fruitful job internships and job shadowing opportunities that will lead to full time employment.

Social Emotional Supports

At Crestview High School, we understand that students need to go beyond academics and career readiness.  We know that students have social and emotional needs as well.  In order to meet these needs we have partnered with the Richland County Mental Health and Recovery Board and Appleseed Community Mental Health Center in Ashland.  Appleseed will be providing a school counselor who will be on campus meeting with students, facilitating small group discussions, and support to our staff.  AmyMorgan of Appleseed will be working closely with our school counselors.  Amy will be with us through December.  Second Semester, another counselor from Appleseed, Ashley Hughes, will be taking over. 

Mr. Andrew Ditlevson, Principal - We are off to a great start of the year at the high school.  Although things might look a little different as we have had to make some adjustments due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have not lost sight of the things that are truly important.  

At Crestview High School we are committed to providing a world class education for our students so that they can continue to be successful after graduation.  Despite such things as wearing masks and physically distanced classrooms we are committed to continue to provide engaging and meaningful learning opportunities.  

Throughout the day students are still provided opportunities to participate in project based learning, learning through labs in science class, exercising in PE, and playing instruments and singing in music classes.  In terms of the quality of education we are providing, we have stayed the course.  Good things are happening at Crestview High School.   



Despite the many challenges that we faced due to the covid 19 pandemic, the class of 2020 graduation ceremonies and senior recognition were a success.  This had a lot do with the combined efforts and support of our school staff and community.

We held a series of graduation ceremonies over the course of four days starting Wednesday, May 20 and going through Saturday, May 23.  Even though things were different, we were able to continue some of our most important traditions.  Most importantly, it meant a lot that we were able to still include families in this once in a lifetime event.  This year we added something new.  Students were able to pick a staff member who had made a difference in their school career to present their diplomas.     

We concluded our graduation ceremonies with a community event on Sunday, May 24.  This was a chance to bring all of the graduates together while allowing our community to show support.  Graduates and family members assembled on the Crestview campus for a celebratory parade. Crestview staff gathered in front of their respective buildings while families and community members gathered along the parade route.  The parade started at the elementary school and then passed by the middle school and high school.  The seniors then took a “victory lap” driving through Shenandoah and Olivesburg.  

Leading up to the graduation ceremonies and parade we were able to recognize our seniors in other ways.  The Crestview Parents Club provided yard signs for each student in the class of 2020.  Yard signs were delivered to each students’ home by Crestview teachers and staff.  We also made gift bags for each student.  This project was led by the Crestview High School office staff.  Gift bags were also delivered by Crestview teachers and staff.  

We would like to thank the following for all of your help with the class of 2020 graduation ceremonies and senior recognition: the board of education, superintendent, Mr. Dunlap, the Crestview High School teaching staff, our Crestview coaches, the Crestview High School office staff, the Crestview Parents Club, the Crestview custodial and maintenance staff, the Crestview Music department, Troy Magers with Yourstar Photography, Tiff Roberts, Gabe Plank with Dynamic Audio Productions, the Richland County Sheriff’s Department, School Resource Officer, Les Horner, the Richland County Health department, the Crestview after prom committee, Faith United Methodist Church, the Shenandoah General Store, the Olivesburg General Store, all of our senior parents, community members, our senior class advisors, and our senior class officers.

We will be mailing all of the graduates of the class of 2020 photos from graduation along with  DVD including graduation and the senior slideshow.  Photos were taken by Troy Magers of Yourstar Photography.  Video was recorded and edited by Gabe Plank of Dynamic Audio Productions.  Students who were part of the SAIL (top 20) awards ceremony will also receive copies of the video and photos that were taken by Tiff Roberts.  We will be mailing the photos and DVDs the week of June 15.  

Message from Mr. Ditlevson - I want to say to our students, families, staff, and community that I am looking forward to the start of the 2020-2021 school year!  Even though there are some added procedures and safety health measures that we will have to consider, it is going to be good having everybody back in the school building.  We are going to have a great year!  

First Day of School - The first day of school for all students will be Tuesday, September 8th.  There will not be a specific freshmen orientation day this year.  Instead, we will use the first couple days of school to bring all of our students up to speed with all the various schoolwide procedures and expectations.

Health Safety for High School Building - Looking ahead to this school year Crestview’s administration and teacher leaders have been working hard to make sure our school is as safe as possible.  Sometimes all of the information about starting school can seem overwhelming.  I wanted to give a  basic overview of what we will be doing to make sure our school is safe for students and staff (see below). 

  • Temperature checks will be done on a daily basis.
  • All staff will be required to wear masks.
  • Masks will be highly recommended for students.  Students will be required to wear masks per state mandates.  
  • Breakfast will be served in the classrooms.
  • Seating in classrooms is set up so that students are at least 3 ft apart and in most cases 6 ft apart
  • We have made sure that class sizes work with seating guidelines
  • Water fountains around the school have been replaced with water bottle fill stations. Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle to school daily (preferably disposable).
  • Hand hygiene will be emphasized.  Students will be shown proper handwashing techniques and hand sanitizer will be readily available throughout the school
  • Students will have barriers at the lunch tables in the cafeteria to help manage social distancing and to protect students while they eat lunch.
  • To reduce the amount of congestion in the hallways, we will not be using lockers.  Students will be “traveling light.”  We will also be allowing backpacks for students if needed.  Eliminating locker usage will also minimize the need for cleaning touch points.
  • Dismissal from school will be staggered.  We will be releasing students who drive a few minutes before bus dismissal.  Athletes will be dismissed after the buses.  This will eliminate congestion in the halls.

New Staff - We are welcoming two new staff members this year.  Danielle Haydocy will be teaching our ag classes and learning our FFA chapter.  Mrs. Haydocy has been working with our students over the summer on various fair projects while setting up her classroom, barn, and ag shop.  Cody Lemke will be working with both the high school and the middle school this year.  Mr. Lemke is Kent graduate and has a strong background in both social/emotional support and career and academic advising.  He brings many new and innovative ideas to meet the needs of our students.

Dress Code - In addition to school supplies, many families will be clothes shopping.  Here are a few reminders regarding the dress code.  Further details can be found in the district K-12 Student-Parent Handbook located on the district website.  With all dress code matters we are promoting modesty and skills for success.  

  • Pants/jeans: No rips, tears, or holes allowed above mid-thigh.  
  • Short/Skirts: At least mid thigh length.  Must be fingertip length when hands are at side.  
  • Tops:  Low cut or plunging tops not allowed.  Tops must have at least a three-finger width across the shoulder.  The armhole of sleeves must not extend below the armpit.       

Parking Permits - As a reminder, students who are driving should purchase their parking permit within the first week of school.  Passes are $5.00 and can be purchased in the main office starting Tuesday, September 8.  In order to park in the student lots at Crestview you must have a permit.  This includes CCP and Pioneer students  Those who do not have a permit displayed in their vehicle may lose driving privileges and may be assigned additional administrative consequences.


If you have any questions you may call the high school office.  419-895-1700

Go Cougars!

Mr. Ditlevson


Anxiety is your body's natural response to stress. Anxiety may motivate you to work harder or do a better job. 

Ordinary anxiety can come and go and does not interfere with everyday activities.

In the case of an anxiety disorder the feelings of fear are intense, sometimes debilitating, and may be there all the time. 

Anxiety Can Feel Like

  • Restless or edgy
  • Easily tired
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Irritable
  • Trouble Sleeping
  • Heart Pounding
  • Short of breath
  • etc.

Did You Know?

  • 40 Million adults have anxiety disorder
  • Highly treatable but few get help
  • Women are twice as likely as men to have anxiety
  • Stress can trigger anxiety Symptoms
  • 38% of female teens have an anxiety disorder
  • 26% of male teens have an anxiety disorder


What Can I Do If My Anxiety Gets Too Bad?

  • See Your School Counselor
  • Practice calming strategies such as: coloring, read, write, draw, paint, sing, dance, exercise, or breathing techniques.
  • Reach out to parents for support
  • Talk to Dr. with parent support