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On Friday, November 9 we honored men and women who have served in all branches of the United States military at our annual Veterans Day assembly. This special day began with a breakfast, followed by a prelude of music conducted by Crestview High School band director, Hannah Phillips. The choir, directed by Trevor Garrabrant performed a medley of each military branch’s service song with a musical selection performed by the choir. An original poem titled "Unbreakable" was read by David Reese. United States Marine Corp, Staff Sergeant Robert A. North shared about his experiences in the military and presented a thought provoking message. The Veteran’s Day assembly concluded with a presentation by Rusty Radcliffe. Mr. Radcliffe shared his experiences as a chaperone on the Honor Bus trip. The Honor Bus was a trip which provided veterans from the Ashland area a chance to visit many of the monuments in Washington D.C. Four students from Crestview High School also went on the Honor Bus trip with the purpose of assisting the veterans.

The 7th annual Thanksgiving meal was held on Tuesday, November 20 for students, staff, and senior citizens. Staff and community were able to share a meal and fellowship together. At the same time, we were able to give back to our community. Enough food was donated and prepared so that we could bring delicious meals to a number of community and faith based organizations. These meals were personally delivered by staff and students from our school.

Attention Junior Class Parents… The 2019 Prom is fast approaching and it’s not too early to think about planning the After-Prom festivities. The After-Prom Committee consists of parents of junior students who would like to help with the planning of the spring 2019 event. The After-Prom takes place at Ashland University after the dance. Committee members are needed to make this event a success. If you are interested in helping with the planning of the After-Prom please contact Jennifer Weitzel at email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

By: Gavin Lowe and Rhett Ward (CHS Student Reporters)

Crestview High School has had their annual Powderpuff game for over a decade now, and last year, the game was renamed the Turkey Bowl, as it was played after the schoolwide Thanksgiving Dinner on the day before Thanksgiving Break. The tradition continues again, this year, on Tuesday, November 20th at 1:50 at the CHS football stadium.  Interest in the event just keeps getting stronger and the game continues to become more fierce.

Powderpuff, aka the Turkey Bowl, is where the interested female junior and senior students of Crestview volunteer to play a game of flag football against one another. Then the male junior and senior students may either coach the ladies playing football, or volunteer to be their cheerleaders. This combination makes for a really entertaining event. Rhonda Carey, boys cheer coach for the event, had this to say: “It has gotten more competitive for sure; the girls are out for blood!”

When the players are out there you can definitely tell it is more than a game for most. With everyone at Crestview being pretty used to friendly competition with one another, it’s all about bragging rights, just like the Volley With the Boys event.  Whoever loses that game will get a chance to redeem themselves a few months later at the Turkey Bowl. We decided to talk to some of the senior players who had played last year, and some of the junior players to see how they feel the game will pan out.

Seniors Allison Cook and Ariana Hull had a few words on their prediction of the outcome of the game: “I wholeheartedly believe that the seniors are gonna pull through this year; why wouldn’t we? Setbacks only call for greater comebacks, ya feel?” says Cook. Hull states, “I think the juniors might have a good start on us, but we will only strive harder to gain the lead and win.” Both girls have confidence in their team, but it’s not like upsets are impossible.

Junior, Kat Leeper and had this to say: “I’m so excited! I think it’ll be really fun and we juniors can’t wait to celebrate the dub,” mocks Leeper. We are planning on seeing a lot of Leeper coming from both sides of the ball. She has the confidence a team needs to finish with a big win.

The girls are ready to play.  Every day the they mention their anticipation for the game, asking questions about practices and coaching. This is going to be one of the toughest games we have seen in awhile. Again, for all who are able to attend, the

End-of-Course Exams will be administered December 4-12, for any student who scored below proficient on one or more tests.
The sophomore class will be visiting Pioneer Career and Technology Center on January 29, 2019. Please note this is a change in date from what is on the school calendar. This visitation will give students the opportunity to see three programs of interest and obtain information about credentials and college credit earned through Pioneer programs.

College Credit Plus (CCP) gives students in grades 7-12 the opportunity to earn high school and college credit by taking courses at area universities. The MANDATORY meeting for interested students and parents will be on February 7, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. in the high school auditorium. Requirements needed for each partner institution will be explained. Note: if your child is currently a CCP student your attendance is still required.

Crestview High School students will have an opportunity to participate in an ACT Boot Camp offered at the Mid-Ohio Educational Service Center. The curriculum emphasizes ACT test structure, time management and ACT specific test taking strategies. Students interested in the boot camp are to sign up in the Guidance office. Boot camp will take place on February 12 from 8:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. Cost is $59.

Remaining ACT testing dates are February 9, April 13, June 8 and July 13. Registration is done online at www.actstudent.org. Prospective CCP students need to check with their institution as to the last accepted ACT test date for admission.

Semester Exams… will be held on December 20 and 21. Odd periods will test on Thursday with even periods testing on Friday. With parent permission, there will be an early dismissal for students who have a parking pass and drive to school.

By: Garret Parlett and Storm Bluntschly (CHS Student Reporters

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and that means another annual Crestview High School get- together is fastly approaching. All high school students and staff, as well as some special guests from Dayspring Assisted Living, senior citizens, area clergy, and board office employees are all invited to sit down to a traditional meal of turkey, ham, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, green beans, rolls and butter, and various desserts donated by CHS teachers and many community members.  This will take place during an extended lunch on Tuesday, November 20th, the last school day before Thanksgiving Break. There will be dozens of banquet tables set up in the gym where everyone will gather to eat together. In addition to the high school cafeteria staff, servers will include many on staff, the superintendent and board office staff, and several community volunteers. This event has been going on strong for 7 years and it looks like it's going to continue for a long time.

Mr. Ditlevson, the principal and organizer of this year’s event, spoke with us about what the event really means to Crestview and some of the community members:  “One thing I've asked about since coming to CHS is the traditions we would like to keep going. I respect the traditions that are important to the community and the school.” He continued “It definitely sets us apart from other schools. This is the only school that I’ve ever seen do this, and I’ve been around.  I've never seen anything like it. It says we don’t care just about academics, we care about matters of heart, and each of our students’ feelings.”

David Reese III, a student at CHS that has also attended some different schools said, “I really like it we get to spend time with our friends and it gives people the opportunity to have a Thanksgiving if they can’t have one at home. I think it's really special that the school does something like this. There has never been a school that felt more like a family than Crestview.”

The Crestview High School family would like to keep this tradition going for a long time to come but they can’t do it alone, they will need the help of the students to get everything prepared. Seniors last names beginning A-K need to bring a 64 oz Hawaiian punch; seniors last names beginning L-Z need to bring one 12 pack of rolls (non bake) and a package of stick butter; all juniors should bring one twelve pack of rolls (non-bake) and a package of stick butter; all sophomores bring one box of stuffing and one jar of turkey gravy; freshman last name A-K should bring one large can or three small cans of corn, and freshman last name L-Z bring one large can or three small cans of green beans. All non-perishable items are welcome to be brought in this week; rolls and butter should be brought in starting Monday, November 19th.  

We appreciate all donations, and hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving, this year!